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Derived Categories and Sheaf Cohomology

Seminar by Denis-Charles Cisinski and Christian Dahlhausen in summer term 2018.
Wednesday 10-12, M 104


Derived categories were introduced by Grothendieck as a natural reformulation and generalisation of the main constructions of homological algebra. They lead to the notion of triangulated categories. The aim of the seminar is to study this notion through examples, via the study of cohomology of sheaves on a space.
Here is a programme including several remarks.



011.04.OverviewChristian Dahlhausen
118.04.Presheaves and sheavesCatherine Leveke-Lowzow
225.04.Sheaves and sheafificationGabriele Lobbia
302.05.Abelian sheavesJohannes Gawron
409.05.Abelian categoriesChristoph Treml
516.05.ComplexesKerstin Blomenhofer
623.05.Homotopy categories as triangulated categoriesJulian Seipel
730.05.Localisation of categoriesJonathan Glöckle
806.06.Derived categoriesPB
913.06.Derived functorsNicolai Palm
1020.06.Examples of derived functorsJakob Werner
1127.06.Direct image with compact supportDima Shvetsov
1204.07.Inverse image with compact supportPeter Hanukaev
13 25.07. Poincaré dualityChristian Dahlhausen

Organisatorial remarks

In order to obtain credits for the course, you shall: If you have any further questions, please contact the organisers.