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Homotopical Methods

Seminar by Denis-Charles Cisinski and Christian Dahlhausen in winter term 2018/19.
Wednesday 10-12, M 103


The goal of the seminar is to learn basics of homotopical algebra: a general way to implement methods of algebraic topology to broader context through category theory. These methods are obviously useful in homotopy theory, homotopical algebra, algebraic geometry.
Here is a programme for the seminar.



017.10.OverviewDenis-Charles Cisinski
124.10.Model categoriesChristian Dahlhausen
231.10.Homotopy RelationsYassin Mousa
307.11.Homotopy categories and localisationsBenedikt Preis
414.11.Chain complexesFlavio Perissinotto
521.11.Topological spacesBM
628.11.Derived functorsPH
705.12.Homotopy pushouts and homotopy pullbacksNiklas Kipp
812.12.The small object argumentNP
919.12.Cofibrantly generated model categoriesPaul Baernreuther
1009.01.Simplicial setsHarry Gindi
1116.01.Principal fibrations on a simplicial groupSebastian Wolf
1223.01.seminar cancelled
1330.01.Reedy model structuresDenis-Charles Cisinski
1406.02.Model categories and higher categoriesDenis-Charles Cisinski

Organisatorial remarks

In order to obtain credits for the course, you shall: If you have any further questions, please contact the organisers.